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CRIAM stands for Chemical Reaction and Image Analysis for Mobility. We are a Medtech startup born in January 2016 focused in the Point-of-Care diagnostic segment.

2013Imagine Cup Nacional
2013Imagine Cup World Winner | Microsoft
2015“Nação Inovadora” Winner | Audi + Sic

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Our mission is to provide fast, affordable and in-situ blood test analysis to empower people with instant information about their well-being and health conditions.


With our device as a platform approach we will be able to monitor, control and contain diseases worldwide.

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Compatible transfusions are not always possible, especially in emergency scenarios and in places with lack of equipment;

No other portable solutions;

Short supply of blood, mainly the O-, essential for emergencies which results in higher financial costs;

Not an efficient blood inventory management in blood banks.


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    Low investment
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    Decreases O- dependency

This device can be the difference between life and death, where the response time is crucial. Criam will increase medical efficiency of analysis in a blazing temporal space, which will save lives.










Meet Us

Vítor Crespo

Vitor Crespo


Vitor is a healthcare entrepreneur. Strong management skills gathered in multinationals over 18 years spent in the Industry. Last 11 years were at Microsoft and previously at Xerox, Accenture and Bull. He has the Advanced Management Program for Executives from Católica Business School for Business & Economics.

Ana Ferraz

Ana Ferraz


Ana has a PhD in Bioinformatics. CRIAM started as her idea and her achievements were recognized in different entrepreneurial and innovative international competitions.

Filipe Quinaz

Filipe Quinaz

Computer Science

Expert in Computer Science and Computer Vision. Has been assisting in the R&D process and the submission of additional patents for this project.

João Cordeiro

João Cordeiro

Junior Engineer

João is studying Electrical Engineering and has a strong sense for entrepreneurship.

Fernando Nogueira

Fernando Nogueira

Electronic Engineering

Fernando has a strong experience in production, industrial design and the process of taking products to the market.

Project mentors

Vítor Carvalho

Vitor Carvalho

PhD in Industrial Electronics Engineering.

Associate Professor at IPCA, Portugal & Integrated Researcher at Algoritmi Research Centre, Minho University, Portugal.

José Machado

José Machado

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department of Minho University;
Integrated Researcher at CT2M Research Centre of Minho University;
Integrated Member of MEtRICs FCT Research Unit;
Member of IEEE, IFAC and APCA.

Miguel Castelo-Branco Sousa

JMiguel Castelo-Branco Sousa

Senior Medical for Internal Medicine at Cova da Beira Hospital

Soon available

Board Advisor

Sam Bakri

Dr. Sam Bakri

Founder of Eastern Healthcare

Dr. Bakri is a serial health care entrepreneur. He was formerly the CEO and co-founder of Kind Consumer, the UK based medical technology company working on building inhalation technology for the smoking cessation market. He has previously worked at Roche and Novartis, and advised numerous companies in the life sciences space. He was also the founder and CEO of Eastern Healthcare Partners. Dr. Bakri has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the entrepreneur in residence at Mayo Clinic and a faculty member at Johns Hopkins Carey School of business focused on international entrepreneurship in healthcare. He is also an advisor to the British Government and part of the global entrepreneurs programme in the UK.


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